Shipping Pros ff-image-1 Home FREIGHT FORWARDING EXPERTS Fantastic prices. Timely and clear communication with personal customer service. Completely taking care of all your shipping needs from beginning to end for a hassle free, enjoyable experience. Shipping Pros next Home Shipping Pros ff-image-3 Home FBA AMAZON EXPERTS Ask our team of Amazon FBA experts about any question you have in regards to your Amazon shipments and business. If it is beyond our scope, we will try our best to find an answer for you! Shipping Pros next Home Shipping Pros left-arrow Home Shipping Pros ff-image-2 Home Shipping Pros next Home Shipping Pros left-arrow Home Our team of dedicated workers work around the clock to ensure communication is always timely and production is delivered on time! AROUND THE CLOCK SERVICE Shipping Pros ff-image-4 Home Shipping Pros left-arrow Home Our service from start to finish is almost entirely done in house. Meaning, we save on a lot of costs which we can pass on to our clients! WE CUT THE MIDDLE MAN
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About Us

Shipping Pros is an International shipping agency specialized in door to door delivery for cross-border E-commerce business.
The services we cover include air, sea shipping (Less Than Truck Load/ Full Container Load) , parcel shipping, warehousing, Inspection, Customs Brokerage, Insurance and bonds. We service shipping needs worldwide and expertise in shipping needs from China to USA,Canada, Japan, Australia and EU.
We are FBA Amazon experts with vast experience delivering to amazon warehouses. We will arrange everything from picking up from your supplier, preparing the necessary paperwork, to booking appointments with amazon and delivering the goods. Additionally, each one of our customer service representatives are very familiar of the amazon platform and are able to provide up to date accurate information.
Through continuous innovation and learning, we have grown our networks and capabilities to facilitate the most efficient service and provide the best value for our clients.
We are proud to have a very high customer retention rate and will continue to go above and beyond for our clients as their satisfaction has and always will be our number 1 priority!

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Almost all our work is done in house within the company. This includes picking up the shipment and putting it in our containers, completing all the paperwork ourselves, having our team pick up the goods in the destination country, and shipping it directly to the destination.

By keeping the middle men out of it and organizing many shipments together in our containers, we are able to keep prices extremely affordable while removing all the hassle from your side.

Generally, working with freight forwarders can be a hassle for many customers as they have to fill out a lot of paperwork, and usually requires a lot of back and forth throughout the process as well as sometimes extra hidden costs making the process overwhelming for the customer.

On top of that, most FF’s charge the payment up front in full as a wire transfer (typically away from secured methods) which poses some worry as well as extra risk to the client. Instead, we provide payments through secured methods such as Paypal and also don’t require full payment up front.

Additionally, our personal representatives are native english speakers so that communication is very clear. They also have a lot of experience with e-commerce platforms and how they operate, being able to offer you advice and tips to get you a step ahead of the competition.

Our top priority is ensuring our clients receive very affordable prices, hassle free process, with wonderful service. This includes personal service for each one of clients for informative replies, timely responses and updates along the way so that you understand what is going on at all times.

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We believe in having relationships on a personal level with our customers to build trust and satisfaction. When you leave your contact info and best method to contact you, we will have a representative contact you directly as soon as possible and answer your questions and walk you through the process.



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